Friday, February 11, 2011

A Tale of Three Yarra Vintages

2009: The vintage was largely over at this point, pinot noir judged unpickable by most producers (including their estate-grown fruit). Merlot, shiraz and cabernet were very problematical. The only bright point was chardonnay.

2010: Picking chardonnay began on Coldstream Hills’ home vineyard this day last year. It was the start of (another) early vintage, but one that was full of promise, and has delivered on that promise.

2011: Chardonnay sampled yesterday on our large home block was at 8 baume. Veraison is only complete in pinot noir and chardonnay, well behind for other varieties. A week ago, it was thought March 7 to March 10 would be a likely start for pinot and chardonnay, with a table wine (not sparkling) destination. Well, the current weather and the outlook for the next eight days doesn’t suggest any earlier start.

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