Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Australian wines in the Old Dart

I had to read a recent piece in the Daily Wine News twice before believing what I was seeing.  At a presentation of Australian wines at the Australian Wine School in London, under the auspices of Wine Australia, Tim Atkin MW said ‘Australia is more exciting today than at any point in my life as a wine writer.’ He was joined by Andrew Jefford, the distinguished English wine author who recently said that top end Australian chardonnays could effortlessly compete with grand cru Burgundies. 


Anonymous said...

Do you agree, James?

joshgtv said...

I'm not James! However, I'd have to agree. Not because I'm jingoistic... but it would be hard to argue that there have ever been as many styles of wine available in Australia as there are right now. So, no matter what floats your boat, there are now multiple options to satisfy. Whereas 50 years ago it was pretty much only fortifieds.

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