Friday, June 14, 2013

Best Shiraz in the World

I always get a little puerile amusement out of tastings which discover the Best Shiraz (or Chardonnay, etc, etc) in the World.  Normally they come from various competitions in London, but now we have on our own doorsteps.  Winestate Magazine organised an international shiraz event, with shirazs from France, South Africa, New Zealand and many parts of Australia.  Grant Burge Wines’ 2010 Filsell won the competition (admittedly with 700 wines), and in consequence is the Greatest Shiraz in the World. Well don Grant Burge.

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Matthew Cummins said...

Grant Burge is a well deserved winner, in that it's always been a high quality wine. But judging the best of anything is certainly tough. Of course a competition win is certainly just the opinion of one group of tasters - would be interested in your own thoughts on where the Grant Burge product rates?

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