Monday, February 13, 2012

Endorsement of products – Antipodes

I have never endorsed (for reward, direct or indirect) a wine or winemaker; I have endorsed Riedel glassware, on the basis that I had been using limited amounts of Riedel glassware since 1969, beautiful, long-stemmed, small bowl sweet wine glasses, and Coopers Ale, its green label my perennial favourite beer. For the last endorsement (‘the winemaker’s beer’) Ian McKenzie and I were to receive a dozen bottles of Coopers each year, but it wasn’t too long before the deal mysteriously disappeared. Now there is Antipodes, a product that I have always thought the ultimate sparkling water to be served at any meal where wine is on the table. It has that magic balance between still water and fully sparkling, yet retains the prickle on the tongue for as long as you challenge it to do so. (It is also available without gas.) It does strike me as truly strange that we should import mineral water, sparkling or still, all the way from Italy and France (amongst other countries). Transport across the ditch is a very different thing to transport from Europe. And then there is Evian, which runs a distant second to Sydney tap water.


Glen Green said...

I remember cycling around France as a teenager in 1988, and coming across the Evian Water plant. Imagine my disbelief when right next to the water facility I see a nuclear power station!
I have never consumed it since, and for that matter, why would anyone prefer European water when you have perfectly beautiful NZ & Australian artesian & rain water available.

Anonymous said...

When water is more expensive than wine you know the marketers have done their job. Seriously, turn the tap on and have a drink, enjoy, it's almost free.

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