Tuesday, April 23, 2013

2014 Wine Companion Book

1910 pages of proof-read, typed text left my desk on Friday (the due date on the timetable) after four months of blood, sweat and tears - and occasional outbursts of bad language. 


Anonymous said...

I'd forgive you for any bad language. So looking forward to the 2014 edition - blood, sweat & tears included :)

Isaac said...

James, do you personally taste every single wine that appears in your wine companion? That sounds EXHAUSTING. After a full day of tasting at a few wineries (spitting every time, of course), I am as fatigued as having worked a full shift on the tools. It is a totally different experience tasting wines and paying close attention and consideration to every aspect of the taste, smell, mouthfeel etc compared to just kicking back with a familiar favourite that i can enjoy and lose myself in and not think consciously about.

I guess some people might look at the job of 'professional wine taster' and get bright eyed about how fantastic that sounds but I just wonder how on Earth you do it for a living, day in and day out?

Thank you so much for the effort that goes in to your reviews and tasting notes.

I'm only 25 and just a few years in to my wine appreciation journey and only now coming to grips with the qualities i consistently like in a wine. I am about to sign up for a website membership and will be checking back on this blog often!

Just reading your latest blog entries has been fascinating. Thank you for sharing some insight in to various random little odds and ends the kind of thing you'd normally need to sit down with someone for lunch to take part in!

Thanks again

albina N muro said...

try this rose wine

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