Tuesday, June 24, 2014

George Orwell

This post is in response to an article from Adelaide Now, found here.

George Orwell is alive and well, masquerading under the alias of Gino Vumbaca, executive director of the Thought Police Advisory Body to the Federal Government on Krispy Kreme® donuts. ‘Krispy Kreme®’, says he, ‘is an adult product for a reason’, sold mainly in domestic airports, he says children should not be exposed to them, and hence be barred from airports. ‘Abuse of Krispy Kreme® donuts adds to the scourge of obesity that is afflicting children throughout the world.’

Sources say Mr Vumbaca is seeking a Federal Grant to supplement the laptop programme for schools with CCTV cameras in all precincts of schools and in domestic dwellings that are home to one or more children to ensure parents and/or children do not circumvent the ban.

Asked whether Krispy Kreme® should be treated any differently to any other form of donuts, Mr Vumbaca replied he had no comment. Asked whether Krispy Kreme® had been part of the fabric of European society for several thousand years he responded ‘I will not put up with further questions designed to impugn the importance of the Thought Police Advisory Body.’

His final assertion was that Krispy Kreme® sales should be restricted to children over 50 years old.

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