Thursday, January 8, 2015

International Wine Challenge Results

The press release which follows is interesting. It’s clear that Helen Kenny wasn’t around in the early 1990s. Australia went through a golden period at that time, winning more medals (including gold) than France, with less than half the number of entries. The success strike rate of Australia and France isn’t specified, and I’m trying to chase that up. - JH

Australia threatens France's winemaking crown, winning equal number of Gold medals at Tranche One of the International Wine Challenge


  • 26 Australian wines awarded a Gold medal at Tranche One of IWC 2015, equaling France’s Gold medal score
  • 203 Australian wines awarded medals at Tranche One of the International Wine Challenge 2015
  • Australia closes gap on France, picking up equal number of Gold medals
  • Australian Dessert Semillon created exclusively for Tesco finest* range strikes Gold
  • The International Wine Challenge judges also awarded 71 Silver medals and 106 Bronze medals to Australian wines during its first round of tasting in November.
  • De Bortoli Wines, which operates three wineries across Australia, received three Gold medals. The company, which is recognised as a Sustainability Advantage Gold Partner by the New South Wales Government Office of Environment and Heritage for its sustainable agricultural approach, received a Gold medal for its Yarra Valley Estate Grown Pinot Noir 2013, as well as for two of its sweet wines.
  • Its Deen Vat Series No 5 Botrytis Semillon 2009 and its Dessert Semillon 2009, created exclusively for the Tesco finest* range, were both awarded Gold medals by the IWC judges.
  • Morris Wines, which received the IWC Champion Fortified Wine Trophy earlier this year, continued its success at this round of the 2015 competition winning three Gold medals. Two of its non-vintage Muscats, the Morris Cellar One Classic Liqueur Muscat and the Morris Old Premium Rare Liqueur Muscat struck Gold, as did the Morris Old Premium Rare Liqueur Topaque NV.
  • Winemakers Amelia Park Wines and Domaine Naturaliste each received a pair of Gold medals. Amelia Park Cabernet Merlot 2012 and its 2012 Reserve Shiraz were both awarded with Gold medals, while Gold medals also went to Domaine Naturaliste Sauvage Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2013 and Domanine Naturaliste Artus 2013.
  • Montalto “Estate” Chadonnay 2013 and Montalto “Estate” Pinot Noir 2013 racked up two Gold medals for the South Victoria-based Montalto Vineyard.
  • This year is the second year the International Wine Challenge has split its competition into two separate tastings to accommodate the different production and sales schedules across the industry, and give winemakers greater flexibility over when to enter their wines.
  • Tranche One of the IWC 2015 competition was held last month, and Tranche Two will be hosted in April 2015, with the results being announced in May.
Australian winemakers showed star quality at Tranche One of the International Wine Challenge 2015, scooping a total of 203 medals. In a competition first, Australia also matched France’s Gold medal score of 26, although France still topped the total medals chart.

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