Thursday, July 23, 2015

Dinner at Estelle by Scott Pickett

I was lucky enough to crack an invitation for one of the dinners celebrating the establishment of Estelle by Scott Pickett. The dishes were:

Cod Roe & Potato Soufflé
Jerusalem Artichoke & Saltbush
Parmesan & Lemon Myrtle

Spanner Crab, Cauliflower & Vadouvan
Kingfish, Ink & Burnt Carrot
Black Truffle Risoni
White Rocks Veal, Mustard Leaf & Hand Rolled Macaroni
Violet, Milk & Chocolate

Lemon Aspen Doughnut
Raspberry Vinegar Ganache

All were right up to the standard expected of Scott Pickett, two of truly exceptional quality: the Black Truffle Risoni and the White Rocks Veal, Mustard Leaf and and Hand Rolled Macaroni.

The restaurant has an innovative configuration, with seating for around 40 people at smallish tables, and another 18 people seated on a bar running along two sides of the open kitchen.  I didn’t sit at one of the tall chairs, so can only take that on trust, but the seats that the normal tables as good as they come from a comfort point of view.

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