Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Climate Change

The ABC and Climate Council of Australia are, of course, joined at the hip.  Amongst meaningless headlines ex the ABC we find ‘Farmers are really on the frontline of the risks of climate change’, ‘The latest research indicates 90% of global fossil fuels, and that includes 90% of Australia’s coal reserves, we cannot afford to burn, to maintain a reasonable chance of not exceeding two degrees.’  Are they serious?

But it’s the comment regarding grapes that really caught my attention, namely that reduced yields and earlier ripening of grape crops are already evident.  So far as earlier ripening is concerned, it’s true of some regions, but not others, and it is absolutely untrue that there have been Australia-wide reduction in crop levels over the past five years.

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Unknown said...

It's hard to swallow the global warming story when the globe hasn't warmed in 18 years and the wonderful climate scientist can't explain why........ send more money they say! p.s. don't trust the ABC they have banned any discussion,report or reference to contrary views.


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