Monday, November 4, 2013

Ocean Room Restaurant Sydney

A small group had a late dinner at the Ocean Room Restaurant (Overseas Passenger Terminal Circular Quay West), and we were all hugely impressed with the dishes, an added layer of amazement with the Canned Ocean Room dish, which was presented in an unopened ringpull can. Houdini-esque. 

The presentation throughout was innovative, and of a high order, the taste of the dishes complex, but not hidden behind artifice. 

Yellow fin tuna, Sicilian green olive & buffalo mozzarella drops, soy pearls, tomato chips 

Canned Ocean Room
Tasmanian sea urchin, Alaskan king crab, cuttlefish, salmon pearl 

Winter vegetable collection, yaki-onigiri, black schichimi, house made anchovy & garlic bath Kassen Daily recommendation, seasonal sashimi selection 

Deconstructed Burrito 
Wagyu flat iron steak, chilli con carne, tornado potato

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